About Us

Bambola Design Mannequins Milano was created to follow the requirements of the customer in customizing your mannequin.

The custom-made is his strong point, thanks to a group of people
with many years of experience in this field.

The artistic staff Bambola over the years has been able to follow many fashion houses in the many stages of customization of the dummy ranging from design to production.

Our collections are the perfect base from which to meet the various needs of the customer, whether it’s simple color changes or poses specific and exclusive and for these sculptors Bambola use the technique of casting from life, which allows the customer to use a model of his choice, in the poses, in the size and style best matches the mood of its brand

Among the options Bambola not miss the classical sculpture in clay, which is used for modeling mannequins stylized or particular products in which the pursuit of detail is the main objective.

Create your mannequin
with us.